World Aroma Tours

World Aroma Tours is one of the tools we have developed over the years for connecting our global clients with our local customers. Through our World Aroma Tours we have been able to combine tourism with knowledge base seminars and product presentations in some of the worlds most beautiful locations.

Our goal has been to provide our local Chinese customers with opportunities to discover the range of knowledge and products behind our global clients on their home turf so that they can experience the rich culture and deep vision behind their products. We offer key personnel in the purchasing and distribution channels, leading speakers in the industry and individuals interested in health and beauty to take part in our seminars, which are led by top international experts in their fields. This has proven an extremely valuable approach for our clients to educate, promote and establish unique relationships with local Chinese suppliers and customers.

If your interested in one of our courses or wish to use our facilities to host your own courses, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always opened to new ideas.