About Us

AromEssencia offers specialized knowledge and a range of value-added services to companies in the health and skin care market wishing to do business in China. Putting together years of experience, we are able to serve as a one stop gateway into China’s immense health and skin care market. We provide a range of consulting services from product evaluation to distribution network, and can help you set up your organization to better tap into the millions of consumers in mainland china.

We are a niche consulting firm where the client is always our first priority. We understand that each client is unique, therefore we spend a lot of time listening and evaluating how we can tailor a services package that suits their needs, instead of applying a “one size fits all” approach. Our success is measured in our client’s success, so our goal is to provide the client with real value tangible results that meet their criteria.

At AromEssencia  we have put together many years of experience under one roof and since 2010 have been consulting companies around the world, helping them to enter the Chinese market and allowing millions of Chinese consumers to benefit from their products/services. AromEssencia is run by partners from mainland China, Taiwan, United States and several other countries, together with some global resources of consultants, designers, and marketing pros. We customize solutions for every project and deliver unique insights enabling our clients to better understand the Chinese markets and support their business.

We firmly believe that success in China depends not only on the know-how, but also the know-who or the so called “guanxi” aspect of the business. In this respect, we have nurtured long lasting strategic partners around China and have over 15 years of experience in opening up and developing the market for a diverse list of clients.